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Going Out of Business

Going Out of Business

Photo collaboration with Daniel Kinda, details at the end of this post. 


There are a few tried and true formulas for outfits I repeatedly go back to; a black dress, tights, and boots when it's cold. Leggings and a big turtleneck sweater when I don't want to wear clothes, but have to get dressed. Black cigarette pants and a button down when I need a professional confidence boost. An outfit I accidentally put together my first day back at work when I returned from England hits all those notes, and is now what I turn to when I need to be polished, but would rather be in pajamas. 

I say this outfit happened on accident because I bought each piece of clothing by chance at different times. American Apparel has long been a favorite store of mine, but I've never had many pieces at a time as they were always quite pricey. Back in January I passed by their Grant Ave store near Union Square and noticed a sign that said 50% off the entire store, I was immediately intrigued. I asked a salesperson what was going on as American Apparel rarely has sales, nevertheless half off everything. The woman told me their physical stores were going out of business and they needed to get rid of all their in-store inventory. For over 2 weeks I made almost daily trips to American Apparel, I'm not saying I'm proud, but I am saying I'm glad I stumbled upon it. 

The blank pants were my very first find on my American Apparel bender. I have them in 3 colors. The sweater I found on my last trip in in total desperation-- I knew there were more gems in that store and I was right, in the form of a mens sweater. I didn't even try it on, I just grabbed it off the shelf. It's light gray cashmere and completely dreamy. 

Fast forward a month and I had just gotten back from London, my suitcase thrown open on the floor and I had to be out the door on my way to work in 15 minutes. I dug threw my suitcase and grabbed the only 2 clean things-- black guacho pants and a mens sweater. I slipped them on and was smitten, I was seriously comfortable. The pants hug in all the right places, but are delightfully forgiving with loose, long lines. I tucked the front bit of the sweater into my pants to create definition at the waist, and in an attempt to look pulled together I threw on my cognac strappy sandals. Jewelry was kept simple with a pair of pearl studs. 

This outfit is something I go to again and again. I always feel at ease, put together, and confident in it. And having something that can so easily give me that feeling is priceless, but lucky for me it was also 50% off. What's an outfit that you always fall back on time and again?

xo E 

 Pants, American Apparel. Similar  here . Sweater, American Apparel. Similar  here . Strappy sandals, Marshalls. Similar, and on sale  here!

Pants, American Apparel. Similar here. Sweater, American Apparel. Similar here. Strappy sandals, Marshalls. Similar, and on sale here!

Photo collaboration with Daniel Kinda

All photos in this post were shot by the incredibly talented Bay area artist and photographer Daniel Kindra, he shoots everything from weddings to fashion editorials. He has an eye for details and is an absolute joy to work with. I can't recommend him enough. 

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