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Last Minute Gifting on a Budget

Last Minute Gifting on a Budget

I have a love-hate relationship with gift giving, I LOVE being generous and gifting people with things, but HATE that the holiday season has somehow become so commercialized that people feel pressured into spending a lot of money to give people things they don't need. 

To remedy this sentiment I have a few gifts I keep in my back pocket when I'm itching to gift, but not overspend or create waste. These easy to put together tidings are sure to delight whoever is on the receiving end. 



Oasis in a bag

I'm partial to a mini basket for this gift, but a beautiful gift bag would also work. Include a sheet mask, an eye mask, lip scrub, lip mask, and a split of champagne. 




Candy in a Hat 

I first started giving this particular gift in middle school when I did a gift exchange with a big group of girlfriends. My mom to this day still talks about how much she loves this gift but also gifts it herself very often. If you plan far enough in advance I recommend a custom candy bar wrapper. But if you're throwing a hail mary, just grab a full size candy bar, and gentle fold it in a Santa Hat laid flat, tie the entire package in a bow and you have a 30 second no fuss gift anyone would love. 



Party in a Bag

My sister gave my cousins and I a gift bag filled with party supplies, all in a gold color scheme for Christmas a few years back. The bag was filled with balloons, paper straws, paper coasters, DIY photo booth kit, selfie stick, confetti, and cocktail napkins all in a gold color scheme. I have recreated this gift for people over and over again and it is always met with delight from the recipient. Martha Stewart could learn a thing or two from my sister. 

Champagne Campaign 


Before the holiday season, I go to Trader Joes and buy a case of good prosecco (sparkling wine or real champagne also works if you're a baller and not a budget). Separately I buy a roll of gorgeous thick gold gift ribbon and a variety of fake poinsettias (red or white is best). When last-minute holiday events pop up, I grab a bottle, trim the flower down to a 4-inch stem and tie it in the ribbon with a big bow around the neck of a bottle. And voila you have a beautiful, thoughtful gift in less than 5 minutes.

Happy Gifting!

xo E

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