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No Business like Snow Business

No Business like Snow Business

Since I’ve lived in London, I’ve never really experienced a snow day. I’ve experienced snow chaos where some light flakes and horrific ice have stranded people and caused travel drama, but never the fun snow days I bloody loved as a child growing up in the Midlands. 

It always struck me as massively unfair that we live in a most-of-the-year cold and rainy country, but that come December, the weather decides to be half rainy and fair and then half too cold and clear. Come on guys, aren’t we a country made for perfect snowy days? We’ve even got the awesome log fires in rustic English pubs all set up and ready… And although rare, it did occasionally happen growing up in the midlands that I had the excuse to miss school and go sledging all day instead (damn adulthood). But I digress, this year we DID get proper snow in London a couple of weeks ago - even enough for a pretty snow scene and a decent snow ball, rather than the few flakes of recent days. 

Not to gloat (too much) but, Scott and I had The. Most. Perfect. snowy walk that day - hand in hand, and with of course with the obligatory snowball fight. And although the snow didn’t stay, we got up and out as early as a Sunday morning would allow to fall in love with Snowy London. 


We’ve been pretty damn lucky with our new flat - although moving is not my favourite thing - we had outgrown our old apartment and, as new jobs now allowed, were able to stretch our legs to Zone 2 and happen to be renting a place a short stroll away from what is fast becoming one of my favourite parts of London - Parkland Walk. A disused railway track, now overgrown and turned into a prime running and walking spot all year round, this super quirky stretch is complete with bridges and the occasional platform. Covered in snow, I’ve got to say, this was particularly magical. 


We walked for a couple of hours and left Parkland walk (there are plenty of places to start and finish your stroll) near to Crouch End, where we had brunch at the absolutely excellent Sable D'or. Freshly baked pastries, couple with full breakfasts and excellent coffee resulted in the perfect remedy to chapped skin and cold noses - although I'm sure I'd recommend this place on any kind of day, given the dreamy decor of exposed brick and hanging plants. 


One delicious brunch, one slippery walk back and two times assisting broken down cars (who drives in those conditions) and we went home to warm up, dry our clothes and generally feel very smug at what an epic snowy London experience we had finally had. We finished off the day with a pretty awesome evening of stand-up at The Comedy Store, something I would now thoroughly recommend as these guys have supported a lot of the up-and-coming greats as well as well established names in what can only be described as a no-frills, but very intimate venue. (Plus the G&T was super cheap for central London.) Laughs plus Leicester Square Christmas Lights put us right in the festive mood. 

xo B (who's still bummed we didn't get a white Christmas) 

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