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For the Love of Pink

For the Love of Pink

I dislike when people ask what my favorite color is, in fact, growing up I think I was reluctant to ever name any one color as "my favorite" insisting I preferred shades. Color evokes strong emotions depending on how it's presented, white flowers at a funeral are somber whereas white abudant bouquets at a wedding are romantic.  I also find favorite colors to adhere to rule of relativity, for example, red lipstick delights me, but I'm not sure red linens are my thing. For this, I always found it peculiar how anyone could name one color as their absolute favorite? If you cannot love a color in all contexts, how could you favor it above all others?

With my aversion to color favoritism in mind, I should note that I've always adamantly disliked pink. As a girl, it always felt very forced upon me, and my style wasn't always decidedly feminine, so until recently pink felt too six-year-old-in-ballet-class to me. Whether the pink came in blush, raspberry or neon, for most of my life, it wasn't the color for me. Enter the pink trench coat. 

It's no secret that Bex and I are self-proclaimed fashionistas, so while I was getting ready to visit her in London a few months ago, my packing list and outfits were carefully curated. While I was pleased with what I came up with, all checked the travel-style check boxes of stylish, comfortable and practical, something was missing, a polished statement coat.

Knowing that we would be heading to Paris and would be outside the majority of the time, I put extra pressure on this coat that I apparently needed. While scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled upon a girl in all black with a pale pink car coat over her outfit, she was elegant, stylish and effortless. And suddenly for the first time in my life, I desperately wanted something pink. 

After a few weeks of burrowing through the internet, I found the perfect piece, a blush trench coat from Forever 21. It was light yet warm, stylish yet classic and to my delight the light pink color paired perfectly with my decidedly neutral wardrobe, adding the perfect pop. The moment I tried the coat on in my room for the first time, I realized I did have a favorite color, after all, soft pink. 

Photo collaboration with Daniel Kindra

Shortly after returning from my travels I longed for more pink pieces, and with sheer luck found a pink textured, structured blazer on a loop through T.J. Maxx with my mom. While it's only one of my first pink statement pieces, I wear it often. The muted pink color allows it to pair with almost anything, without overwhelming the look. Here I pair it with a black body suit, black culottes pants, and a simple cami for an effortless structured look that seamlessly rolls from work to play. For work, I have on a chiffon-like, looser fitting cami under the blazer, and for play, I simply peel that off to reveal the form fitting low-cut bodysuit. This playful, yet professional outfit helps me blend in throughout the financial district on a work day evening. 


Photo collaboration with Daniel Kinda

Blush Blazer from T.J. Maxx, similar here and here, Body Bodysuit from Forever 21 here, Black Tank Top from Old Navy several seasons ago similar here, Culottes from American Apparel last season similar here, Pink Trench Coat from Forever 21 last season similar here, Cognac Heeled Sandals from Marshalls similar

All photos in this post were shot by the incredibly talented Bay area artist and photographer Daniel Kindra, he shoots everything from weddings to fashion editorials. He has an eye for details and is an absolute joy to work with. 

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