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Yes, You Can Wear Neutrals

Yes, You Can Wear Neutrals

Bex and I often joke that we're the same person, in fact when we did our road trip across California I can't even count how many times we were asked if we were sisters. While we are similar in more ways than I could possibly count, especially when it comes to our love of fashion, ironically our current styles is one of the only ways we differ. After meeting Bex in Costa Rica I was so enamored with her style I would emulate her as often as I could, but to my dismay I quickly realized her signature outfits didn't suit me (a lot more on that later), but she definitely gave me a deep appreciation for the art of fashion.

As I mentioned in my first post I bought a domain name about a year and a half ago,, this sentiment more or less defines my personal style. While my signature look took lots of style and error (pun intended), somewhere in the last 2-3 years I finally found a style that works for me; chic, classic and affordable.  I tend to gravitate towards solid, unpatterned pieces that are easy to mix and match. I'll go for shades and neutrals over big pops of color (minus my beloved pink), since they can easily translate from day to night and will likely pair with whatever clothes I happen to have in my work bag at any moment (key when you live in a city and don't often have time to run home in between activities during the week). I look forward to sharing my and Bex's style evolution soon! In the meantime, the outfit I'm sharing with you today definitely encapsulates where my style is at this moment in time. 

We've been having unseasonably gorgeous weather in San Francisco since the rain has let up a bit, so sunny days have called for breezy outfits. I felt this particular outfit checked all my boxes when planning an office outfit: stylish, comfortable, layered. I didn't realize I wore a lot of neutrals until I sent Bex a photo of this outfit, to which she replied "that's very you, you love neutrals." I do love neutrals, and yes, you can easily wear all-neutrals in your everyday life. 

If you're new to neutrals-as-an-outfit (not a thing, but let's pretend), here are my top three tips to ensure you hit the mark. (Links to outfit at the bottom of this post) 

1. Make your darkest color your focal point. Use a darker color (here it's my olive green joggers) as the focal point for the outfit and build up from there. 

2. Use white to accent and to tie everything together. Here my long sleeve white crew neck shirt serves as an extra layer, doesn't overshadow the oversized beige vest and also serves to balance the darker color of the pants. 

3. What you lack in color, make up for with texture. To keep the outfit from looking blah, mix and match textures. Here my linen joggers work well with the simple cotton T-shirt and knit sweater vest to create an interesting, varied outfit, all without a single pattern. 

xo, E

Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt is from Marshalls, similar here

Sweater Vest from Marshalls, similar here

Joggers from Tobi, find them here (You get 50% off your first purchase when you sign up via email)

Beige Peep Toe Booties from Aldo several summers ago, similar here

Necklace, vintage

Watch, Movado

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