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Summer in San Francisco: A Bay Area Bucket List

Summer in San Francisco: A Bay Area Bucket List

I started this post a few weeks ago while I was looking at my calendar and getting excited about a few things I have coming up over the next few months. On the docket, I have a camping trip, wine tasting, and a visit from my cousin. This got me thinking about all the fun things I want to do this summer, it turns out sunshine, socialize, and sparkling wine are all high on my list. Since I'm sure other's are putting together their summer wishlists and starting to piece together their plans. Find some summer inspiration below, regardless of whether or not you're in the Bay Area. 


1. Hiking

I want to make it a point to get out in the fresh air and sweat outside more. Likely we're spoiled in the Bay Area with endless outdoor activities, and hiking is a favorite of mine. There are a few parks and trials I've been dying to try for years, Mt Diablo and Big Basin Redwood State Park to name a few.

2. A Day in North Bay

One of my friend groups loves a bar called Sam's Anchor Cafe, it's a divey little bar right on the water across the bay in Tiburon, it has amazing drinks, the freshest seafood, and a huge patio on the Marina. A few times a year we make it a point to take the ferry over the to the North Bay. Additionally, a few of my couple friends have moved to Sausalito (adjacent to Tiburon across the bay to the North), so I do find that I am in the North Bay more in the past few years. However, I want to take a day to rent a car and truly explore the North Bay - my North Bay wishlist includes taking in the view from the Marin Headlands and a long walk along the water in Sausalito followed by a tasting room or dinner.

3. Outside Lands

There is a music festival held in Golden Gate Park every year called Outside Lands. It focuses on music, art, and local food and wine. People flock from all over the country to check it out and enjoy, yet in my 8 years in the Bay Area I have never been. So this year I want to see if I can wrangle a group together to go to at least one day of Outside Lands this year. 

4. Road Trip

Ain't no road trip like a California road trip because a California road trip has gorgeous scenery, food, wine, sites, and culture. Enough said. 

5. Wine Tasting

Day trips, overnights, and long weekends- I want to spend as much time as humanly possible in Napa and Sonoma counties. Also on my list, find a few new wineries I love and join their wine clubs. 

 The Russian River

The Russian River

6. Float the Russian River

The Russian River sits in Sonoma County and a common weekend trip is heading up with floaties and cases of beer and literally floating down the river with a group of friends. I just kicked off the initial planning stages of a weekend trip of wine tasting, camping, and floating the river with my friends, so I'm well on my way to making this goal happen.


7. Ice Cream Date(s)

I want to soak in the long daylight hours with long strolls outside that end with giant, guiltless ice cream cones. Luckily San Francisco has so many famous, delicious ice cream shops Humphrey Slocombe, Smitten, and The Baked Bear to name a few. 

8. Santa Cruz

 The Santa Cruz Broadwalk

The Santa Cruz Broadwalk

I went to Santa Cruz once for lunch with Becky four years ago on our California road trip, and haven't been back since. We went to a charming Greek restaurant a few blocks back from the beach and had every intention of going for a walk after lunch, but ran out of time and had to run back to the car right after we ate. Going back and spending the day has been on my list ever since, so this summer I plan to grab someone and road trip down to spend the day walking the boardwalk, hitting the beach, and enjoying a leisurely lunch al fresco. 

9. Golden Gate Park

I've been to Golden Gate Park countless times, but do its extreme size I've barely scratched the surface. I want to explore the buffalo paddocks, go paddle boating on stow lake, see the windmill in the tulip fields, and go to the conservatory of flowers to name a few things on the Golden Gate Park agenda. 

10. Slow Down

When I started this post a few weeks ago I was a little overwhelmed by my calendar, filled to the brim with work and social events. While my full social calendar energizes, I've recently realized how important it is to unplug from being "on" all the time and embrace a day completely free of plans. Sometimes impromtu plans turn into the best memories. I'm committed to embracing the unknown this summer and stop planning every single minute of every single day. 

What's on your summer bucket list!?